INTERESANTE: If Twitter Consisted of 100 People [Gorgeous Graphics]via @mashable

v??a Mashable! de Pete Cashmore el 17/08/09

What if Twitter only had 100 users? How many would be chatty, how many lazy?Based on the data from previous surveys ??? InsideTwitter and the PearAnalytics study ??? the InformationIsBeautiful blog has constructed these gorgeous graphics showing the Twitter community represented as 100 people.

While beautiful, the data is being painted with broad strokes: those with 100 followers should overlap with the ???loud mouths???, while having more than 100 followers in a population of 100 is technically not possible: it is, of course, a compromise to make the data more accessible via visualization. The original data is also the subject of some debate. Enjoy with a discerning eye. :)

[hat tip: Philippe Bossin]

Gallery: If the Twitter Community Were 100 People


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