Manchester (I need your prayers friends)

This mail is from my friend Shona in Scotland who has been helping me in something that is still a proyect but, something tells me that it could not be anymore as it could convert in a reallity if it’s God’s will, only He knows.

Hola Alan

I am sorry I am writing in English but I am very excited and want to send this email as quickly as possible. I have just spoken with Alan Wright in Manchester. He is 50 years old and is a new Christian (3 or 4 years). He is a good friend of the pastor, Ian, who I told you about. He helps give American students accommodation when they visit Ian’s church. He lives in a house with two bedrooms and he would be very happy to let you live there while you study in Manchester. His address is


His telephone number is XXXXXXXXX. He does not have an email address just now as he is changing server but he will have a new one in a couple of weeks. I will let you know as soon as he has one.

He has broadband (high speed internet) in his house which you can use freely and he has wireless if you want to use your own laptop computer.

The next bit is the BEST news. I cried when he told me. He wants to help a fellow Christian – he does not want to make money. He has to pay extra tax to the government if he is not alone in his house. The extra will be £200 and that is all he wants from you for the year!!! That is less than 1300soles for the year. Rent in Manchester is usually £300 – £400 per month!

You will have to buy food but Alan likes to cook for people if you would like that – I told him you were thin!

I can phone him for you as that will be much cheaper. He says he will pick you up from the airport when you arrive. When does your course start?

I am very excited for you. Have your prayers been answered?





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